To provide a cross cultural short term mission experience for Christian mission groups, challenging them to grow spiritually by ministering to inner city families with hands-on love and compassion.

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About 20 years ago, the small impoverished congregation of Brinkley Heights Baptist Church realized their heart felt the need to reclaim their community for Christ.  These 10 people worshipped in a building that was later condemned and had trouble maintaining the light bill yet, wanted to minister to their community! Despite their situation, these people prayed that God would send in the "reinforcements" needed to help them fulfill this vision.  That very summer, Brinkley Heights saw their very first mission team and God has been blessing them ever since.


The staff of Street Reach Ministries, along with the congregation of Brinkley Heights, strongly feel that YOU are an answer to that prayer today just by viewing our website! Although the congregation is still small, impoverished, and call themselves "the church of misfits," God has brought literally thousands of volunteers.

Street Reach is a 501(c) (3)  non-profit ministry located in an impoverished area of North Memphis, TN. For the children and youth living in this community, drugs, gangs, crime, and violence are not just stories seen on the news -- they are a way of life. Almost every family has been impacted by some type of abuse and the results can be seen everywhere.


Street Reach tries to impact these children's lives by meeting them where they are at and running Backyard Bible Clubs in their neighborhoods, where they feel most comfortable. Street Reach strives to meet the needs of the community and love them the way Jesus Christ loves us.




"And you will be the restorer of the streets"
Isaiah 58:12


We provide housing for your team with a dorm style facility including  bunks with mattresses (need to bring pillow, linens and towels), restrooms with showers, a gymnasium, and meeting rooms!


We provide food for your team (includes arrival pizza dinner on Sunday evening, light breakfast foods each morning, light lunches,and catered evening dinners).


Supplies for all community service projects your team may be assigned to accomplish will be provided. For example, if you were assigned to a Soccer Camp in the afternoon, we would provide the needed soccer equipment.


We provide the curriculum for the site bible clubs, all supplies to run the sites (including games and songs).  However, we ask for you to provide crafts for each bible club site that you run.  We can provide craft ideas and a supply list if needed.


We provide a Street Reach staff site missionary to help coordinate each mission site.


We provide an evening worship time which includes praise and share times that  are led by Street Reach staff members with a personalized slide show of your week at Street Reach on Thursday night. (May not be available during Spring Program)



Street Reach strives to provide a structured approach to missions where community members, children, and mission team members come together to worship.  Street Reach utilizes mission teams to reclaim our community by providing Bible Day Camps for children along with serving the community with various in-kind ministry opportunities in North Memphis.

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The Ministry of Brinkley Heights is such a prayer driven ministry. Street Reach is an answer to a prayer said by the original members of the Brinkley Heights Baptist Church almost 25 years ago. They prayed that God would send in supplies to retake this neighborhood for his Kingdom, and sure enough, God has been answer that prayer and then some.


Street Reach continues to exist solely on prayer that Lord continues to answer. Even deciding which Bible Club sites to run each week or where we feel a new site is needed is constantly lifted before the Lord.


Please pray for Street Reach and the teams that are hand chosen to serve on the front-lines in this community.


Street Reach is a nonprofit organization who also funds many other ministries through Brinkley Heights Ministries. Street Reach funds the Food and Clothes Ministries, many seasonal outreach opportunities, as well as  Street Reach Ministries. Street Reach relies on prayer and financial support from churches and past team members.


If you feel God is leading you donate, please click the icon below. Please know that from everyone at Brinkley Heights Ministries and Street Reach, we say thank you!


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Street Reach depends on mission teams that come to Memphis, TN and minister in this community. We are only able to run club sites at the capacity that we have volunteers. The children in this area love Bible Club and love the teams. The kids cannot wait for Spring and Summer because they know that people who love them are going to be coming and spending a week with them.


Street Reach loves having new and returning teams, and even teams we haven't seen in a while. The kids in this community absolutely loves each team! We believe that no team is by chance; every team is hand selected by God to minister to this community.


If you would like to be apart of Street Reach or plan a trip, email us at

Team members have the opportunity to support their favorite Bible Club kid as that child grows in education at the Brinkley Heights Urban Academy. Targeted "at risk" children are given the chance to learn in a private urban academy with other urban kids, however, is expensive. Parent's are not able to pay the tuition for their children to receive this type of education so team members have the amazing opportunity to continue to show Christ's love even after they've returned home. Along with paying for their classes, uniforms, and meals, team members also get to communicate with their student through letters in our Adopt-A-Student Program.


You can support the Brinkley Heights Urban Academy and your favorite child on their website.

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If you would like more information, please call, write, or fill in the form below:

Street Reach Ministries

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do my fees go?

Street Reach is part of a comprehensive ministry program called Brinkley Heights Ministries. Money generated from fees allow Street Reach to provide year round ministry to children and youth. Income generated also helps to maintain the emergency food and clothes ministry, tutoring, and sports programs that are a part of Brinkley Heights Ministries.


Do you require a Pre-Project visit?

Street Reach does not require leaders to attend the pre-project visit. However, attendance is strongly recommended. We encourage all leaders to attend our pre-project opportunity due to the amount of background, logistical, and other vital information that can be obtained. The visit allows each leader to tour the community, the Bible Club site, and the housing facility that will be utilized during the summer. Leaders will also learn about our curriculum and suggested club schedules. This pre-project visit also allows each leader to meet other ministers bringing groups during the summer. The pre-project visit takes place on a Saturday, includes a continental breakfast, lunch and typically ends early that afternoon.


Does your program provide transportation?

Street Reach is unable to provide transportation due to the volume of volunteers. We rely heavily on each team "dropping" their youth at each site. In most circumstances our staff will ask to ride to their assigned site with the mission teams if possible.


How many youth can Street Reach handle?

Street Reach has a goal of running 8 sites in our community all summer long. In order to do this, we need a minimum of 90 volunteers each week. Street Reach can accommodate groups ranging in size from 2-120 people.


Is your ministry safe?

Street Reach has been working in the community for 18 years. Street Reach is well known and respected in the community. To date, there have been no incidences resulting in injury or harm. We strongly feel that Christ has called us to reclaim our community and keeps us safe as we minister to our neighborhood.


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Street Reach Ministries